Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 2: On Unavoidable Buzz Cuts

One time when I was in Nigeria, I was shaving my roommate's head. The only electric razor we had had only one length setting: short. I'm talking about a quarter inch short. I had to cut the hair close because there was nothing else to do (well, except go to a Nigerian barber, but we never thought of that for some reason).

"Why on Earth is this story relevant to anything?" you may ask. Well, let me tell you, reader, that I have had to cut it close once again, but this time with significantly larger consequences and significantly smaller amounts of hair being clipped.

The first full day that I was in Two Harbors, I brought my passport to the post office to send away for added pages. That was exactly 2 weeks ago. I had it expedited. I had it shipped fairly quickly; but, like a child hesitant to leave his play and join his parents, my passport decided to take its sweet lil time getting back to me.

An hour after I received my passport today, I was shipping it out to get the Chinese visa. And now I have just over a week and a half to get it. And yet I'm not too worried. These things are usually worked out pretty well. I'm just wishing that it didn't have to be cut so close.

(P.S. - I found out that my flight is on July 22. I'll fly from Minneapolis to Denver to Las Vegas to San Fransisco to Beijing to Qingdao. Huzzah.)

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  1. I'm going to confess that I follow your blog and have been for awhile now. Yes, even the old one. Does that make me a creeper? Yah, probably but that's how I roll. But I feel like I can tell you now since you've commented on mine. :)

    I'll be asking that the visa comes through in time. And SORRY about that flight. That is crazy. CRAZY.


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