Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chapter 3: Being a Record of the Douchiness of the Author (edit)

One of the hard things about living overseas and coming home again is deciding which relationships require one-to-one face time and which relationships will probably slide by the wayside. How do you decide who to "cut out" of your life?

I spent the last weekend in the Twin Cities visiting friends, but there were still about 300 people I would have loved to have seen (that's not even an exaggeration). Yet time restraints and personal energy levels dictated only a few get-togethers.

Where is the line? When do you get to the point where you decide, "You are a truly fantastic person and I love you dearly, yet you don't quite make the cut"? And how can a relationship remain on solid ground after a decision like that? I unavoidably feel like a jerk.

Thankfully, I'm friends with someone whose friendship is constantly a solid rock. What a good thing I have him in my life, or I would probably be really frustrated with my poor relationships with most of my other friends.

EDIT: I am fully aware that some people are much better friends than I am. These people still make an effort to remain friends even if we don't have face time together. Those people, too, I am so thankful for.


  1. Even if you didn't have time to get together with us, we'll still keep you on our prayer list. I imagine it must be really stressful to pick who who you have time to get together with! I don't feel offended that I got cut from your list. That's aight.

  2. We still want to be your friend...even if we couldn't see you last weekend!! No worries - we will still pray for you too. :)


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