Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter 23: Of Momentary Yielding, Volume II

These last few weeks have been crazy. So busy with school and life and extras (it's getting to be a bit stressful). But one of the coolest parts in these weeks happened yesterday.

We have this program that encourages students to think more deeply about life and truth. They go away for the weekend and open up and share with each other. Even though this event is only for high schoolers (and I teach middle school), I was invited to lead a section of the weekend called The Hootenanny. Really fun.

One of the skits that we did was about a girl who had invited Him to take the wheel (I know, flashes of Carrie Underwood just traveled through all y'all's minds). Even though the girl had originally asked him to come, she kept pushing him out of the driver's seat when something "more exciting" came along.

As I was watching this skit, I felt like a hypocrite. How many times do I take over instead of letting him be in control? 'Far too many' is the answer to that question.

It seems that I am living two different lives: the life that he wants where everything is good and pure and it is easy to do the right thing, and the life of selfish disobedience where I choose to take control of my own life and immediately run it into the ground. But then I remember what I honestly want - to follow him. I abdicate and allow him to rule, only to snatch power back when I see difficulty coming.

Stupid old man within me. Why can't he stay dead?


  1. It's interesting, Warren...that last line really impacted me. I've heard the terminology of 'old man/new man' before, but whenever I've pictured myself growing in truth, I've pictured a more mature Christy with slightly less frizzy hair, a crisp cardigan, all buttoned up, and someone a little less likely to jump up and down at rock concerts.

    But...the OLD man dies. Not the new one.

    The new man is vibrant. Full of life and purpose and energy - - energy directed at something that is forever true. The new man is full of youthful vigor - - not thirsty for immature hungers, but excited for always lasting ones.

    I am going to start seeing my 'new woman' as a new lease on the most exciting kind of life.

    Thanks for deep, challenging thoughts, as always.

  2. Good thoughts, Christy. I think that we sometimes take our life too seriously when what he wants is for us to laugh and have overflowing, vibrant joy in him and his goodness. Thanks for extending this post in a great direction!


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