Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chapter 16: In Which the Author Has a Simply Wonderful Day

As in my last post, there are many topics just from today that are flying around my head as tentative blog posts. I could write about:
               - our (Zack's and my) first trip to Tai Dong market area by ourselves,
               - the bride we saw driving down the main road in a red Corvette convertible with her dress  
                  and veil flying out behind her,
               - the over-the-top flirting that was going on next to me on the bus,
               - the rush of being able to actually communicate my thoughts to someone without an  
               - buying and eating moon cakes for the moon festival,
               - the view of the ocean, 
               - the beauty of mountains,
               - or the incredible peace that has been so constant and almost overwhelming today.
Even though each one of these topics could easily fill an entire blog post by itself, I will choose to write about the moment that was the most heart-warming.

Even though today marks my third week in China, I have been so busy with school and getting adjusted to life here that I haven't really had much opportunity to even interact with Chinese people*. But today was a bit different.

We took the bus back from Tai Dong market today. We sat (thankfully we got a seat right away) for 75 minutes to get back home. I sat next to a middle-aged Chinese couple. They said, "Meiguoren ma" which means, "American, yes?" I said yes I was, and they tried to talk to me some more, but I couldn't really understand them. But still, they kept sneaking looks at me and I kept sneaking looks at them because they had such lovely smiles (it's not considered rude to stare in China) and they so clearly enjoyed being together.

Even though we didn't have a common language, or even any real cause to enjoy each others' company, we did. When I got off the bus at my stop, we said goodbye. But as I was walking next to the bus, I glanced up and saw the woman hanging out the bus window and waving goodbye to me.

What a great end to a beautiful day's adventure. 

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