Monday, August 1, 2011

Chapter 12: On Stingrays, Forgetfulness, and Heart Conditions

For the last few months, I have known that God has been wanting to teach me a lesson. This topic has come up again and again, and each time it is brought to my attention, I listen for a moment and say to myself, 'Hmm. I really need to study this more.' Yet I keep putting it off.

Yesterday this message slapped me in the face like a cold stingray in the marketplace. And I do not want to ignore it any longer.

The message is this: Remember. Remember how good and merciful and powerful and sovereign and generous and wrathful and lavish He is. Remember that you are no more than a speck, yet you are placed on level with the very Son of God himself as an heir to an inheritance greater than gold. Remember that he has done and will continue to do wondrous works as a way to draw people closer. Remember that he only asks us to change because his way is always better.

How often do I feel like an Israelite who sees amazing things done by a living being then goes running off to worship dead objects of wood or stone? In case you're wondering the answer is far too often. It's like I seem to choose the things that are lesser instead of the things that are greater.

This is a very serious heart condition (enter the corny analogy). I'm feeling that I need to change my diet (word) and exercise (lifestyle) routine in order to avoid a violent and painful downfall in the future. And even still - even after knowing the remedy - I am sure that I will continue to play the fool. I will eventually go back to the things which are death to me and hold them as a child holds a pet.

One of the most amazing things about God is that his forgiveness is an overflowing and bottomless spring that will continue to blot out my foolishness, unfaithfulness, and forgetfulness.

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