Friday, August 5, 2011

Chapter 13: About Tim

I am entering into sorrow.

There is a fantastic family at this school. Well, there are many. But this particular family is particularly wonderful. He is a high school science teacher, and she is a nurse in the States, but a stay-at-home mother here. They have four children, two of which are adopted.

This past May, they had to deal with one of the most difficult events in any person's life. Their son, Tim, had a significant fall. It was not survivable, and he was pronounced dead several days later. He was in fifth grade. 

The school is still deeply mourning the loss of this young child. As a newcomer, I can sense the grief even though I don't necessarily feel it myself. As an empathetic person, when Tim is mentioned and one or two people around the room quietly begin shedding tears, I can't help but feel full of sorrow myself. I wish I could remove all of their pain and heartache.

And next Wednesday, when my students come, it will be a whole new level. My 6th graders this year will have been Tim's classmates. And I teach them 3 classes. It will be a new challenge, but I am asking to be used in this experience. And I know that the glory will go to the right place.

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  1. joining with you in your desire to be used in a special and significant way wiht your students at such a time as this.


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