Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chapter 49: Being the Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone


+ 10 points - Lots of freedom in your day. If you feel like doing something, you can just do it. If you feel like resting, you rest. Yesterday I felt like walking a long way to the War Memorial rather than taking the subway. And I could do it.

+ 15 points - You meet more people. Because you are alone, you are forced to go out of your comfort zone to become acquainted with people. I have gotten to know Koreans, Australians, Canadians, Vietnamese, and Malaysians.

+ 15 points - You have a lot of good stories. Because you have to meet new people, you end up doing things you would never do. For example, last night I watched Australian rugby in an Aussie restaurant that was filled with Australians.


- 60 points - You are traveling alone.

This might be exaggerated. . .

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  1. +15 for meeting people IF you are willing to step outside your comfort zone. i'm not forced. i clam up and get sad and quiet and frustrated because i'm by myself. which is why i refuse to travel by myself. but cool for meeting people and doing things you wouldn't normally do! and according to kate, we get +15 each for not going on vacation and being in yi jing on this saturday night. and +5 for you and zack for having super strong internet.


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