Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chapter 33: In Which "It's About that Time"

It's about that time. The winter chill has lost its charm, and the hope of spring is still too distant to grasp with any sort of conviction. School is starting again tomorrow and I am well aware of the higgledy-piggledy balancing act that will be my life in the coming months (between teaching 5 "new to me" classes, singing on the team at fellowship, chaperoning a trip to Beijing for the Model United Nations students, and acting as the Baker in "Into the Woods," I have a lot on my plate).

It's about that time. I know that MANY people (especially in colder climates*) really struggle through the winter months. And I am no exception. I have learned this about myself: mid-January through Easter is often a time of apathy and indifference.

It's about that time. All of these feelings combined with the fact that China isn't "new" anymore, and you would think it would be a recipe for emotional/spiritual/physical/apocryphal disaster on the grand scale. An extraordinary outburst of indifference and angst. You would think . . .

But I have just had so much peace here. And it's certainly not from me (see above dreariness for proof). Even though I am expecting that the apathy which often tempts me into laziness will surely strike, I'm also just so thankful for where I am and what I am doing (even though I forget that sometimes).

I highly recommend being in His will. It makes all the difference.

*read "Minnesota"

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