Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chapter 30: In Which the Author Decidedly Avoids the Usage of the Term "Resolutions"

It's New Year's Eve here in Qingdao, and with less than 12 hours to go in 2011, I have started compiling my list of goals for the new year.

I would not blame you if you chose to avoid this post. I understand that it's not the most enjoyable reading, but it is a way for me to hold myself somewhat accountable.

1. Learn a new skill or talent. More specifically, I'd like to learn one that allows me to make something with my hands. I'm currently lacking in that skills set.

2. Read 30 new books. This was on my list last year, and while I read 30 new books, I didn't finish some of them that I wanted to (War and Peace goes on the list for the third year running - uffda).

3. Start a photography club. Not at school, but among the Chinese and expats here. There are so many beautiful places in and around Qingdao, and I am feeling like I'm not capturing them well. Plus it's a great opportunity to develop some new relationships.

4. Learn one new Chinese lesson a week. It doesn't sound like a lot, but each lesson has about 35 new words along with new grammar rules and learning the characters. It will be a challenge.

5. Be able to write 1,000 Chinese characters. Doable, but I'll have to work at it. Currently around 250.

6. Write 12 letters. If you would like to be a recipient, let me know (and make sure I have your address)!

7. Be caught up on all grading by each Sunday. This might be my most difficult goal to accomplish.

8. Be involved in 12 community development activities. Not too sure what this will look like, but it needs to be on here for motivation.

9. Visit two new countries. This feels a little bit like cheating since I already know that I'm going to the Philippines, but oh well.

10. Be in a play. Also feels like cheating, as I have already started rehearsals as the Baker from "Into the Woods." I'll put it on here so that I can soothe my ego at the end of the year when I realize I haven't finished all of my goals to satisfaction.


What are some of your goals for 2012? 

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  1. 6. I love letters! (i owe you one - a THANK YOU letter for the beautiful calendar, among other things)
    9. Enjoy!
    10. You're not a cheater - you're proactive.

    a) I love "resolutions" (and goals)
    b) and ordered lists of any kind.

    Miss you dear friend!


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