Friday, November 18, 2011

Chapter 26: Being a Philosophical Discourse on Feces

So, I wouldn't desire the subject of my first post after nearly a month's hiatus to be feces, but when life dumps such a lesson on you (da Dum dum) you run with it.

I have stepped in poop three times in China. Three. That is almost once per month. I'm getting a little tired of cleaning the crap off my shoe. When I stepped in it today getting onto the school bus, several staff members made jokes about me not learning from mistakes one and two. It's not a problem that everyone suffers from - seemingly just me.

And because my mind loves making connections, it just took that idea and unraveled it a bit more. Even though I seem to be the only one suffering from an obnoxious oblivion to what I'm stepping in (poo), I am decidedly not the only one suffering from an obnoxious oblivion to what we all are stepping in (foolishness, pride, selfishness, etc.).

We are broken people. We have hurts and pains of our own. Our loneliness often overwhelms us. But none of that excuses us from our prideful hearts of stone. So many times we, His children, think we know best, and we continue to walk in our own way until we step in it. And then we have to deal with the mess we made, while He was telling us not to step there in the first place.

The longer I am alive, the more I am frustrated my own faults and weaknesses. The more I see how clean He is, the more I see just how much poo I have slathered all over myself.

But what a blessing that he has a cross-shaped hose that blasts me clean with high-powered jets that clean me inside and out. And even though I will certainly continue to step in it (both literally and figuratively), what peace to know that I can be clean again.

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  1. On the lighter side of this (though perhaps there is some Pharisaical serious side to it if you think about it long enough), my dad has a joke about a man who walked down the road and came to a pile of feces in the street. "Oh my, that looks like dog poo. *sniff* Smells like dog poo. Feels like dog poo. Hm, yes, tastes like dog poo. Sure am glad I didn't step in it!"


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